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How to release bad memories and energy blockings

Stuck emotions, spasms, energy blocking and bad memories are persistent in our days. How to release, to let go these negative, emotionally destroying feelings, unexplained anxiety, fears? How to regain your inner freedom and not feel stuck in somewhere nowhere?

Contrary to forgiveness, a release is inward-oriented. We all have bearing memories, grievances, unfinished tasks, or broken promises. Though expired, they are hard to release.

Of course, the best is to have your coach or mentor, because you are dealing with subconscious imprints, that you are not able to control, and the professional from the side can see it and can understand much better than we ourselves.

But still, how can we help ourselves without others?

|There is a magical substance, known in tales and legends - it is Life Water. How can we get one? Or maybe create it?|

Water is a fluid and warming substance that can remove physical spasms, and direct current flows along the meridians, especially when it is full of electrolytes, and essential oils or natural aroma components known to affect our cells, body systems and our brain directly, fast, and very efficiently.

So you need a handful or two of salt (better several kinds), e.g. Sea or Himalayan, sodium bicarbonate and/or Epsom salt. Additionally, you have to have three to ten drops of natural, pure, organic essential oils, or even better, one of high quality, specially designed essential oils blends (I prefer and use THESE). Mix it well with salt before putting in your bath water.

You just created a "Life-changing Water" - for bad memories and heavy feelings release. How to use it?

|Take seven series of bath procedures with soothing essential oils every day or every other day, thinking about what you want to let go - and the miraculous will happen!!! Success is guaranteed and many times confirmed by hundreds of my clients.|

The best blend for release that me and my family use is named "RELEASE"

And just to prevent trouble and not to let them accumulate there are unique essential oils blends to overcome stress when we feel it, or we know it is coming. "Peace and Calming" is perfect for sleep or after a hard day. "Stress Away" is the most popular essential oil blend around the globe, usable as daily perfume or in a diffuser. Good for rubbing wrists or back of the neck. "Citrus Fresh" is a unique mix of citrus cultures and spearmint, which is great at work to reduce tension, improve mood, and neutralise potential conflicts when you are dealing with others.

Write me your questions, and I will try to answer them if they will be about: Stress, Wellness, Detox, Meditation forms, Physical and Psychological efficiency, Nutrition or Aromatherapy...

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