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The main factors affecting health and ageing are diet, exercise, a harmonious psyche, environment and bad habits. Some things we can change ourselves, some things we cannot. Therefore, lifestyle changes should start with the easiest things to change: movement, nutrition and, of course, thinking. Wellness systems that have been promoted for thousands of years and focus on personal development start by preparing the body physically, i.e. relaxation exercises and dietary changes. Gradually, with a leisurely, steady increase in activity, the result is a gradual progression to a more challenging phase, where the mind is trained, and the harmony of the whole organism is sought. Only slow, consistent and purposeful action can achieve perfection. The best training programmes are long-term because only in this way, considering the individual characteristics of the person, skills can be formed and consolidated, that change the body's reactions and attitudes towards the environment. What used to seem "not for me" becomes a source of joy and a good mood. Things that seem inevitable needs become distant, insignificant memories, sometimes even repulsive and unacceptable.

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