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You do not have to worry about the money as it is free!

I usually work in 12 sessions program as it is the shortest program to be effective and have the best results. It takes a minimum of 3 months if we have one session a week and a maximum of 6 months if there is one session in 2 weeks. 

After the first session, I will be able to say one of these:

  1. I can help you if you help me do it.

  2. I cannot help you, but you can do it yourself, and I'll recommend how. 

  3. We are on a different wave now - but you can find someone to help you. Or, we could meet after one or two months and do the check.


If you are ready to start, we have a few options:

  1. VIRTUAL sessions with a few exceptions if needed and possible. The program price is 1450 £

  2. LIVE sessions with a few exceptions if needed, breath and exercise practices, individual meditations, body touch technics and physical monitoring of all we do. It takes much more energy and commitment, but it always works 100% - The Program price is 2150 £

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