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(A system for self-awareness, personal development, image creation and communication)

SelfBranding Saulius Urbonas mentor4u co

SelfBranding is the synthesis of business and psychological methodologies that allows you to quickly and systematically analyse your personality, create an image that suits you and communicate it to others. Today it is a necessity for your or your company’s ideas could reach the world. You have to attract the attention of the customers,  potential clients, employers, or students and it's done through your personal image - SelfBrand. 

The advantage of the system: the conscious and subconscious mind research and programming are involved.
Our mental harmony depends on our position in life and the first questions that SelfBranding poses: "And who am I?" and "What do I need to be happy and successful?" The impact of health on our image is also apparent. When you are healthy - you have enough high-quality energy and power.  Charisma directly depends on our 'power supply', as well as the passion for action. 
Only when we discover the essential aspects of our personality, our genuine interests and our goals in life, we can act, look for changes and get closer to the desired dream. But finally we all understand, that we can encounter the most significant part of happiness not after the end of the journey when the goal is achieved, but in a process that "drives", and constant changes, that make it possible to compare one state to another.

SelfBranding consists of three parts: 

  1. Self-discovery, image formulation (creation)

  2. Self-presentation (communication)

  3. Self-image and its development (maintenance and change)

Most of us make a huge mistake and either skip or fail to finish the first part. It is a result of our unwillingness, sometimes laziness, often fear and avoidance of digging into ourselves. Although it is simple, this step is difficult to implement unless the precise, logical, systematic approach is applied and there are teachers ready to help.

The second part: self-presentation (communication) has become particularly important in the Internet age and has gained new, unexpected and numerous forms of permits. Moreover, although communication is an area that everyone claims to know and understand, without the system, it does not work. At the end of a day, self-improvement is impossible if we do not know who we are, where are we going, and why!

In the virtual age, a frequently committed error - especially online - is not presenting yourself as you indeed are, but instead as artificially fictional. Acting this way does not give us happiness and satisfaction and usually leads to internal conflict.

How do you create a personal image?

  • Conscious self-analysis​

  • Activating the powers of the subconscious mind

  • Identification of personal goals

  • Creating an image and a personal vision 

 How does systemic communication work?

  • Communication goals

  • The plan

  • The choice of communication tools

  • Execution

When you start SelfBranding, do not forget that our image needs support, and if we do not improve, it does not mean that we stand still, it means that we are degrading when the rest of the world is moving forward. One smart man had said - “You like a bicycle; if you don’t move forward, you fall.”

Contact me, and we’ll do it!
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