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Who I am

Wellness and success mentor with unorthodox powers. An author of original systems for SelfBranding and Anti-ageing. A professional lector, an entrepreneur and a media consultant. Conduct courses, seminars, lectures and works with individual clients internationally.  



  • Over 35 years – physical and psychological team coaching

  • Over 20 years – holistic health studies

  • Over 15 years – aromatherapy and phytotherapy studies

  • Over 10 years – personal coaching and mentoring


Why I do this

I like what I'm doing, really :-)  My passion is to share knowledge got through the years, tested on me first, my family, then on my clients. I love to see the changing lives and happiness in the eyes.  


What I can do for you

If you are looking for even better, more challenging and joyful life - I can help. If you feel a lack of energy, depression or something in your life is not working as you would like - I can help. If you want to grow healthy children or just start a healthy lifestyle for yourself or the whole family - I can help. I work both for groups and individuals.


 Only individual work:
  • Your  personal wellness, happiness and success mentor 

  • Individually adapted programs to fit your personality

  • SelfBranding - how to get best of you

 For companies and communities:
  • Lectures

  • Seminars

  • Courses

 Themes: stress management, overall wellness, aromatherapy, physical training systems, meditations, nutrition, mind programming, personal efficiency.

 Languages - English, Russian, Lithuanian


I will be glad to see You 

Happy, healthy and successful ready to help others!

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