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"Scientifically approved" SHIT

Do you still think that everything is better and more truthful in our times? Are you still the same idiots as those who trusted the "scientific proof" about products some years ago? Maybe it is time to think over as we all very intelligent when looking backwards, and rather stupid looking at the present, Advertisers are professionals, and they are one step ahead.

The worst part of advertising - that we don't even recognise the new forms of it. Our children will be laughing very soon, looking at the promotion of vaccines, or arguments of shutting down the countries in the lockdown. They will not understand how it was possible to "Isolate" (arrest) healthy people, based on fear and fine them for not wearing masks.

The most exciting thing that masses trust all these, who gets massive amounts of money and denying those who are trying to find the truth. Scientific proof can be adequate when you understand who is paying for it and what they are looking for. And it could be very dangerous and misleading otherwise. Mass mind programming is a longshot advertising or ideology, very well prepared and generously paid. We usually even don't notice, understand and feel while it is implemented.

I wish we wouldn't end here:

Be happy, be aware of whats going on, be curious, keep your brain calm and sharp not SHEEP


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