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AromaProgramming - life changing tool

Mind Programming

Three deep inhales in the morning can change your life. How can we do it? The scent is the most powerful tool while programming our mind and it can and should be used in conjunction with meditations, pray, affirmations and breathing sessions for desired emotional state implementation into our subconscious mind. And after, the same scent works like a key to unlock and bring the state, which we have implemented, back to real everyday life.

GRATITUDE - the first and the most important step to Harmony and Emotional balance.

|To feel the gratitude of just being alive and accept it as a gift is the main course of our happiness and everyday joy of life|

How to program this feeling into our subconscious mind?

Keep your personal, specially designed for this purpose essential oil bottle next to your bed. After you wake up and stretch, the first thing you do is to rub a drop of your preferred essential oil into your hands, inhale profoundly and exhale noisily three times, with the deep emotional feeling that you appreciate your life and you are lucky getting one more beautiful day to live. And you are ready to smile and start your day!

I recommend only the highest quality and specifically for that purpose made essential oil's blend, as every scent that you know is attached to only one the most emotionally experienced state or feeling that had happened in your life and it is in your brains already. So you need a new, unique composition of aromas which will be tied up only with this Gratitude and Joy state. And my favourite and used by me is HERE. Or you can find suitable for you by yourself.

Tiny Drops Big results

Power of essential oils

Gratitude for every moment of your life is the first and critical step to your emotionally balanced, joyful and positive life attitude. Once we’ve got it under our skin, we can expect further changes. Usually, to implement it into your subconscious takes several months, but you will start feeling changes right away after first days.

If you repeat the procedure during the day once or twice, the results will be faster, and the feeling of happiness will be much more intense.

|"Gratitude turns what we have into enough" Aesop|

About other steps to Happiness and Success - in the upcoming posts.

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