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Stress - Post 6, Aromatherapy

Smells are powerful traditional tools of mind conditioning. By creating an antistress affirmation and repeating it for two-three months with the same scent, the condition gets rooted in mind. Later, if you are in the stressful situation, smelling the same scent, that we used for programming, automatically brings the peaceful state back.

It happens because the smell-processing centre in the brain is situated next to the centre of emotions and memories, in the limbic system and the scent tied to the emotional state as a key, capable of returning it at any time

It could be done either by using an inhalant or dripping a drop on hands and inhaling straight from your palms. This ritual is for bringing our memories and preprogrammed state back at any time you need.

If you come across some emotion, be it fear, anger, disappointment or frustration, or any other stress stimulators, you should get into it, recognise it, and breathe deep from your palms using Frankincense, Levander or Cypress essential oils just for 1 minute! You will feel great relief and quick recovery. If repeated, then more significant effect will be achieved

We all know that the increase of free radicals is a direct consequence of stress and we also know that Clove essential oil is most potent antioxidant in the world. So why not to use it?

Increase in cell respiration is vital for energy level and physical condition and the sesquiterpenes found in large quantities, e.g. in Cedarwood essential oil can increase cellular breath up to 20%

Inflammations constitute the internal stress. Most of the essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties especially Copaiba and Frankincense.

Hormone balance is vital for our mood, wishes, enthusiasm, and physical possibilities. And most of the essential oils(trust your intuition, use these that are pleasant to you) can help.

Spasms are the critical factor of stress effects - use essential oils like wintergreen or clove to release them.

Essential oils indeed can help the body to oppose bacteria, viruses and fungus and get out of the internal stress zone.

Next post is coming soon! Stay with me, share and relax.

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