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Stress management - Post 5

Dealing with effects and consequences of stress

We all want a miraculous tool to release the stress when it appears... But the reality is, we have to prepare for it in advance...

But once we got the consequences of stress, we have to deal with them too, and though there are many possible ways to do it, there are three basic techniques to do this.

Static meditations:

Are for relaxation of brain and body. They are used to achieve Alpha or Theta state of brain frequency, starting from concentration to any object of your choice, like breath, mantras, heartbeat, etc. and then going into the state of a neutral observer and moving to another dimension.

Reprogramming of subconscious mind is possible in the condition when brains are in the Alpha or Theta state. Physiologically, it causes the body relaxation, while on the other hand, it removes fears, anxieties, spasms and energy blocking. In a meditative state, you are just „Now and Here“, and it means no fear or anxiety (concern) for the past or future at the moment... only to achieve this comfortable state sometimes takes too much time.

Catharsis techniques:

Used to dig causes of disease or disability out of the back of the mind, to preparedly go through the painful event one more time and release it. This methodology requires another person who is trained as the psychologist and meets your personality not just adapts the method. Sometimes it works very well, but yes, too many variables here...

Trance techniques:

This is a miracle! And is my favourite. They re-balance and re-harmonise our body orchestra in seconds, and you are the director of this process, not just an observer as in the static meditation.

Almost all dynamic meditations are based on emotional uplift or intentionally created tension. A range of mindful breathing techniques helps to unfocus the mind. Each dynamic meditation has to start with readiness to accept every reaction positively and to finish with a winner’s relaxation.

That's it for today. Next time we'll look how aromatherapy can help us deal with stress. And don't miss the next post - subscribe to get notifications :-)

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