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Wellness - is as simple as you wish!

Overall wellness includes your:

  1. Health

  2. Wealth

  3. Emotional and mind balance

Let's start with physical Health as it firmly stands on 3 legs and it is the most important being, a solid foundation, and secure protection for all other factors :

  1. Your individual diet - you have to find what is it about

  2. Physical activity degree - you must customize it according to your situation

  3. Stress hormone-dependent emotional state shows not how much stress you have but how you react to it... It is the hardest part of self-improvement. I shall talk about it in future posts a lot

So please start with first two, it is much easier. Your physical health state gives you vitality and enough energy to implement your ideas and plans and become wealthy. And being wealthy and feeling secure you will be stressed less, so you emotional - mind balance will be better. As you see is so simple, just start consciously program yourself for achieving these goals and it will become a reality. It's all in your head that matters. That's it for today, I just started and prefer to keep it simple and brief. And in the future posts, I will talk more about technics and methods how to consciously reprogram your subconscious mind for your Emotional and mind balancing

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