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Detox or not Detox...

The healthy lifestyle is my passion and way of life for over 20 years. For last 10 years, I mentor others what to eat, how to meditate, what exercises to do, how to deal with stress and how to do changes both in conscious and subconscious levels. But almost every time, when a new client starts working with me, and, even not depending on a problem we want to solve, it appears we have to start from the basics - DETOX. And every time at the end of our work they say - "You was right about detox - it changed my thinking, mood and emotional stability" and they confirm that detoxification was a guarantor of success for further work with themselves.

Detoxifying is an extensive and diverse theme. Today, I would like to talk about how to cleanse that body effectively, comfortable, without losing the ability to work and in a good mood.

We live in the 21st-century and even those of us who keep living a healthy lifestyle, are breathing polluted air, getting the chemicals from the drinking water, building materials and food. Almost everyone is exposed to electronic pollution: WiFi, mobile network and all electronic devices. Even printing ink poison us while reading a magazine. We cannot escape radiation, global pollution of lead, mercury and other undesirable chemical elements. So in addition to a healthy lifestyle, periodic help is needed to detoxify our body. And don't forget bacteria, viruses, fungi, medicines and, yes, Stresssssssss.

What are signs of intoxication?

Lack of energy Allergies Migraines Infertility Acne Asthma Depression Gout

And...other 1001

Be aware, detoxification of the body causes additional stress. Therefore, additional stress-reducing, anti-oxidising, relaxing measures are highly recommended during the entire detox period. It is beneficial to use warm water procedures during the whole period of detoxification, but especially during the first stage. It helps to soften the body and facilitates the removal of toxins. Use bath, sauna or hot shower and better with relaxing essential oils such as StressAway or Peace&Calming.

And one more thing - before anything you start, check for yourself:

What is your age? What is your health? What do you know about detox? What is your reason to do this? What are your goals? And finally what are your resources - time and money?

Traditionally, for thousands of years, diverse cultures and different personal development systems have used multi-stage body detoxification programs.

The first step is usually the most straightforward and most easily accomplished. It is Intestinal and parasite cleansing.

The second step requires more knowledge and can be very unpleasant and challenging, or thanks to the 21st-century's science, somewhat prolonged and relaxed, but no less efficient. It is about helping the liver and kidneys.

The third step requires knowledge and delicacy. We need clear blood and effectively functioning cells.

The fourth stage is maintenance. The constant provision of essential nutrients, so that our body can function well and maintain a perfect shape.

And if you are young, healthy and full of energy – you can skip first three steps and keep going with the fourth.

But if you do not feel like you're in power or lacking energy, the first three steps are essential.

You can pick between hard way or easier one. I prefer easy way if only I can choose. If you the same as me, and ready to take an easy way - contact me - I can help.

Also, don’t forget, your home is protected and managed by YOU. Fewer toxins in your home – fewer toxins in your body.

Want to be healthy, happy and successful? Invest in non-toxic:

Home Hygiene products Food Friends and acquaintances

And remember it is only You to decide to detox or not to detox. For more information, or detox strategies - contact me


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