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FAQ - How do I keep my eyes healthy?

Todays question is: How do I keep my healthy eyes when I spend my workday looking at a computer? Are all computers unhealthy for eyes? How do you evaluate eBook readers?

Working at your computer, really hurts your eyes, your brain and even your blood. Unfortunately, in our time, everybody is working with computers or looking into cell phones screens like crazy, and of course, eyes suffer. Excessive blue light exposure is expected to cause increased rates of a macular degeneration as we are the first in history generation to be bathed in such intense blue light.

If you can select a computer by yourself, you would focus on the best video card and monitor, because it will affect how fast you will need spectacles.

Be sure to do at least a few minutes break each hour. Make eye exercise or look at something green and distant from you – the best choice are trees through the window, but the green wall or a beautiful picture is also a choice. Only don't look at the picture on the screen of your monitor!!!

And an eBook reader is undoubtedly a great technological achievement, but I would only recommend using them when you cannot read the printed text, or you are travelling a lot. If you have a choice – choose a book or print on sheets of paper.

And don‘t forget, in fact, we SEE with our brain, so take care of it too. And in our 21st century, almost everybody is deficient in few vitamins and minerals, which are crucial both for brain and eyes.

They are - Omega3 fatty acids, especially DHA(Docosahexaenoic acid), Vitamin D3, Flavonoid and nonflavonoid antioxidants. Studies reveal strong benefits of zeaxanthin, meso-zeaxanthin and lutein on retinal health and resistance to the development of age-related macular degeneration.

Retinal damage is irreversible, so early and powerful protection is our only hope, and supplementation with the carotenoid nutrients is a clinically-validated means of gaining that protection.

So be sure to have your lifestyle matching diet, look at the computer and your phone, only when you must, and look for special, as much as you can find, natural supplements.

So see you later 😊 Hope you will see me too. 😊

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