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FAQ - What can inspire you to think positively?

Question: What can inspire us to think positively? What would you recommend for daily routine?

Our grandparents used to say that all the diseases are from worries, concerns, anxiety - we call it stress in our days. Our thoughts and emotions directly affect our physiological processes, and most important, energy system.

The strength of stress and its consequences depend mostly on our point of view, not on the stress cause or triggers. Therefore, positive thinking is the basis and the beginning of everything we call health or, may be better to say, wellness.

An inspiration to be in a positive mood can be just a PAUSE.

And as a pause can act a meditation, programmed breath, pray, targeted physical exercises like Tai-Chi or Yoga, anything that causes good emotions, like music, or concentration to this moment: no past, no future, just - NOW and your senses, except seeing.

The best time to start the day in a right mood is the first 30 minutes after you got up. And the best moment to start the program is the first minute after you wake up.

In the morning we feel rested, energetic, full of willpower, and still our brains in the state of alpha - it means they have almost no barrier for conscious implementation of what we want, into our subconscious mind. Very little effort is needed to program ourselves at this first half an hour for the rest of the day.

Start every morning with good emotions, a smile and a benevolent, friendly attitude to the world - take a deep breath with your favourite aroma, exercise if you have time. The best idea ever is to create your own, short, pleasant and enjoyable ritual and not to miss it ever.

And before you go, always smile to that one who looks at you from the mirror!

Good luck and don't forget - when you smile, others respond to you in the same way, just like from the mirror :-)

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