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Conversation with the spirit of the plant 2

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Our perception of smell and taste is changing depending on our age, health and physical condition. It means tomorrow you might not be as fascinated by a scent you admired yesterday and the other way around. So if your body starts feeling that this not entirely pleasant smell’ is beneficial – your subconscious will change the perception of it, and it might even become one of your favourites.

Someone, who’s been leading a healthy lifestyle for a while, can trust one's senses when choosing what essential oil or herb to use when feeling low or getting ill. Unfortunately, when the system is full of drugs, chemically refined products and especially synthetic hormones or antibiotics, one should preferably trust mentors and medics, because the natural senses get atrophied. The worst possible end is anosmia - the loss of the sense of smell, either total or partial.

To conclude – to use aromatherapy efficiently you must have various essential oils to choose. How many do we need? For me around 30 are sufficient. And for you maybe 10? 50? 100? It is personal. One thing I can be sure of is, when a person has one or two bottles only, a feeling of satiety comes very fast because natural essential oils just as natural foods give us a signal when it’s too much or too often...

Through the last 15 years, I've been using herbal medicine less and less and moving on to essential oils not because the herbs would not work but because it is a much more convenient and efficient way to reach an intended result with the help of clean, high quality pure essential oils. Only two percent of essential oils on the market would qualify as such, and it is not that much.

The essential oil is a spirit of the plant. It is gently and with love separated from the plant and maintains all the information, chemical and physical qualities of it. An essential oil is like a Genie carefully closed into a specially designed bottle. Pure, natural essential oils embody a remarkable, magical power that we can use for our benefit if we manage to understand and to communicate with them.

See You later :-)


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