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Conversation with the spirit of the plant

|The primary, simple rule: "Look for natural - trust your instincts."|

Does it really work?

I remembered today, how back in 2000’s my views towards herbal medicine and aromatherapy changed radically. At the time my three great interests were: creation of databases, herbal medicine and aromatherapy. While comparing different data from different sources I’ve started noticing specific patterns.

This led me towards doing a comparative analysis bringing together data on various herbs and essential oils according to their stated effect, medicinal properties, the application under certain symptoms etc. and …

Eureka! Once and for all I realised their universality. All that was left to do was to find out what and how can I choose what works for me personally.

I have been analysing principles of healthy nutrition for five years at that time and coincidentally came across a simple but crucial phrase it sounded rough as follows:

|“Our perception of smell and taste is essentially signalling only one thing about the product we taste or smell - if we like it, it is beneficial for us, if we do not or the smell is unpleasant it is harmful.”|

That is when my conception of healthy lifestyle and products started to form, and the criteria for choosing herbs and essential oils emerged.

When natural and unaltered things are concerned, we do not need to use the conscious mind. For making a decision, it is enough to trust one's instincts (not other's – your's). This rule does not apply to things created or altered by humans (boiled, fried, marinated) or things created in laboratories such as synthetic aromas. Actually, synthetic scents are proven to be one of the most toxic products we willingly consume.

Continuation in the next post, see you :-)


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