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How to strengthen Love and Friendship?

Sometimes it is worth the efforts to use few simple tricks in order your partner or friend become more attached to you and even feels better, safer, more joyful when near you.

Feelings include love, tenderness and friendship sometimes can be strengthened just by repeatedly using the same natural scent of essential oil or essential oils blend every time, when the joy and love are in the air, just have your favourite essential oil bottle near you always and use it as your perfume. You can blend your own or use professionally made one, that fits your personality. And keep the secret :-) It works on the subconscious mind level.

So next time when we will meet you, and the lightweight scent will waft from you, we unconsciously will feel sympathy for you and smile or maybe feel lust?

But be aware that if you use synthetic perfume, it can have an opposite effect especially in the long run, as our body reacts very differently with natural and artificial scents.

Try it! And write me how it worked :-)


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