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Post 7 Stress daily management

To summarise: we don’t have to be afraid of or avoid day-to-day non-fatal stress. We have to learn to manage it. DOING is crucial! Using techniques daily rather than from time to time, mapping our personality, understanding ourselves and our environment, and programming our mind.

There are special essential oils blend to overcome stress when we feel it, or we know it is coming."Peace and Calming" is perfect for sleep or after a hard day. "Stress Away" is the most popular essential oil blend around the globe, usable as daily perfume or in a diffuser. Good for rubbing wrists or back of the neck. "Citrus Fresh" is a unique mix of citrus cultures and spearmint, which is great at work to reduce tension, improve mood, and neutralise potential conflicts when you are dealing with others. They are HERE

Well, yes, desserts can help to reduce stress occasionally, because they add up some dopamine to our brain, but BE CAUTIOUS: it creates a habit. The anti-stress effect will fade away, but the sweet tooth addiction will stay.

Glucose is food for the brain. If we have enough of it, we feel happy. If we do not get enough, we feel stressed and irritable. If we get too much, we become addicted and cannot live without sweets. So beware of this double-edged weapon. Feel free to eat fruits when stressed. But cakes will produce a backlash, and quite soon.

And what was not mentioned before in previous posts is sleep. Many scientific studies indicate that, with daily sleep below 6 hours, a human gradually turns into a zombie incapable of independent decision-making and only suitable for executing orders. Sleep deprivation has always been a method of reducing someone's will, destroying a personality and turning him or her into an unthinking executor.

If we refuse daily stressful and harmful factors, work on programming our mind we will be more prepared to face surprises and more willing to use our mental and physical energy for something new, to go beyond our comfort zone, get new momentum, knowledge and ‘first-time’ euphoria.

As we reprogram our mind with meditation, aromatherapy or breath exercises, we start feeling like a child with no fears yet, curious and open-minded, looking into the world and waiting for the best of it with smile and valour (courage).

And all you have to do is to take small steps into the Big Happiness!

That's it about stress for a while; next posts will be about...

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Here is the starting Post 1

See you :-)

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