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Stress management - Post 2

Hello, if you missed Post No.1 it is Here

Let's continue our journey about stress management.

As I ask my students is stress physiological or psychological reaction always get different answers and it is understandable because there is some confusion in the terms and you don't know what are we talking about: stress trigger, stress reaction or stress effects.

Let's start with triggers/stimulators.

Possible stress stimulators are:

  • Mechanical: caused by external environments, such as sounds, light, vibrations, or pollution and etc.

  • Internal ones: such as food, infections, inflammations, drugs, or intoxication.

  • Psychological or mental ones: something non-existent yet, but possible... This is a major paradox: how can we get concerned over something non-existent? However, this is the worst stress stimulator. To get rid of the non-existent factor, we have to work hard on our mind...

Stress Reaction:

Is a purely physiological process which effects our body physically (chemically) It is based on our survival instinct. Hormones determine our stress reaction. and depending on what kind of hormonal mixture flows in your blood, the different reaction will appear.

And the components of the cocktail are:

  • Adrenaline, commonly called as a fear hormone - causes fear and flight reaction

  • Noradrenaline, by people is defined as anger or aggression hormone - causes anger and fight reaction.

  • Dopamine, known as a reward hormone - makes us behave like the obsessed or heroes: no fear, no pain, just focus on acting!

And one more hormone - Cortisol is a second line hormone and it is injected into our blood either the stress lasts longer than it had to or we are in the permanent stress. Cortisol's function is to supply blood flow with more glucose from our body reserves to have longer lasting power to fight or flight, or for our brains to find a solution how to go out from permanent stress torture.

And lastly, stress effects:

They can be both physiological or psychological and we get them, because of the toxicity and poisonous of stress hormones which can be compared to snakes poison and as I talked already in the Post No.1, are removed from our body only by high physical activity, foreseen by nature as fight or flight reaction.

  • Physiological: are cramps/spasms, functional limitations and be the reason for the big percentage of our illnesses.

  • And psychological: are behavioural changes, anxiety, fears, amnesia and depression are the twenty-first-century troubles.

That's it for today. Next time we'll talk about what is the difference between winners and losers and what are the basic stress management techniques are.

See you soon :-) and please share, comment or contact me with questions if you like it :-)

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