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Luck or Success - which one you prefer?

Lucky ones prefer Luck. They got what they want and do for that a little or almost nothing...uffff, and what to do for others? Well, luck is very choosy and picks on her own and couldn't be planned. And it is always more like a lottery, especially in a long run.

And the bad thing about luck that event if you are so lucky to get what you wanted because of Luck, you do not get any new skills. And the worst thing about luck is bad luck... So, when you rely on luck, your chances to be successful approaches zero.

And what is about success? More likely it depends much more on you, your efforts, efficiency and persistence. And successful people are mostly lucky and not much expects from luck. Isn't it a paradox? |Well the good thing is that You and only You can choose to be successful or not| and it depends on how strong you wish something, and how much are you ready to sacrifice for it. And not in words - only actions counts.

It is the rule in our world - you cannot have everything, and it even doesn't depend on money. The chances increase when you are concentrated and enthusiastic about one thing, your energy focused, not split. And the golden rule is - If you even were not lucky enough to achieve you wanted so much this time but you enjoyed the "Journey" - you are very lucky wo(man)!!!

That is because when we are concentrated into something, we feel the inflow of happiness hormones in our blood much more than at a final act of achieving a goal. When the flow of happiness hormones accompanies you for some time in some actions - you can absorb information hundreds of time faster and the final prize is expensive, sometimes even above price things that we call EXPERIENCE and SKILLS, which will lead you to the next achievement with much bigger chances of luck to be successful and of course lucky!!!

So, I prefer Luck but choose to be Successful. It is in our nature to look for the easy way, but do you remember how much joy you got and how long it lasted from that very very hard task which cost almost all your strength but finally you were lucky to succeed?

And let me finish this post with Earl's Wilson words: |Success is simply a matter of luck - ask any failure...

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