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Why essential oils are essential to us?

In our daily lives, we lack fragrances, which make our environment suitable to live in, especially if you live in the city. Aromatic components are concentrated in essential oils, and there can be a wide variety of them.

When choosing a suitable aroma, you should trust your sense of smell, but not descriptions. One day you may like an essential oil and the other one you may not – feel what your body is telling you. From the natural aromas, a person can absorb the materials which will best affect him.

Every natural smell has a straightforward and clear “message” for us. If the sense of smell finds the fragrance enjoyable, then the product or item producing it is useful for you. If the scent is neutral, then the object is neutral. But if the item stinks to you, then your body is in danger. Here we are talking about natural smells, which are very different from synthetic ones.

If you start using essential oils, be sure they are clean and natural. You will get such a product, if the plants were grown in proper conditions and the oils were made correctly. Contact me if you need recommendation.

One of the most important things is that proper essential oils naturally ionise and disinfect the air when diffused. Negatively charged oxygen ions positively affect health. Although in an urban environment there are a hundred times less of them than in the air that is in the countryside and a thousand times less than, next to a waterfall or an ocean.

We spend an excessively enormous amount of time in small spaces, where pollution is dangerously high. Then we complain about fatigue, headaches and our immune system weakness. That’s why ionisation of air is very important. And not only ionisation. If we place essential oils, which we like, into a diffuser, they will destroy up to 90% of microbiological pollution in 15-20 minutes.

Nowadays, people feel a lack of energy. In such cases, essential oils come to help – you just need to inhale essential oils from your palms, a moistened piece of cloth, straight from the bottle or spread the aroma with the help of a diffuser.

Most of the components in essential oils are well researched. Their effect is powerful. Scientific research shows that they work against viruses, bacteria and fungi. For example, there are exciting compounds in the essential oils - terpenes, which are used in the production of medicines too.

Almost all of the essential oils can help increase your immunity. They can affect an organism on a very subtle cellular level. Some of the components clean the cell receptors, increase the amount of oxygen assimilated, etc.

All essential oils have lots of universal functions. If we use two or three of the essential oils that we like, they will practically perform all the necessary tasks. It is no coincidence that essential oils blends are so widely used.

One of the most popular oils is lavender essential oil. It can work as an anaesthetic, anti-depressant and antimicrobial reagent. Lavender works as an adaptogen and affects different people differently; it may either calm you down or increase your vitality. - All depends on what you need at the moment. People, suffering from insomnia, anxiety or fear use Lavender with great success.

In the cold season, to protect yourself from the common cold or flu, it is relevant to use citruses, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea tree, Cedar and Rosemary essential oils.

In countries with little sunshine, the most popular essential oils are citruses essences, which have a delightful smell and obtained via the cold pressing peals of fruits. Their scent raises mood. Still, skin contact with the oils should be avoided, if you are planning to be exposed to direct sunlight.

The well-known Peppermint oil affects not just the nervous system, but also the digestive system - it helps reduce nausea during travel. Bergamot, Pelargonium or Sage essential oils can help people with hormonal disbalance. Cedar, Sandalwood, Black pepper, Myrrh and Boswellia (Frankincense) essential oils can increase cellular breathing.

The heating Wintergreen and Clove essential oils are very useful for sprained muscles or tendons.

Yes, essential oils are essential for those who live and work in the city. They bring us closer to the natural environment, protect us from environmental pollution and facilitate breathing. We only have to choose the highest quality products. If you are interested, I can recommend, just contact me, or come to my events and meetups, they are listed HERE


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