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Post No.1 Let's start changing lives together?

Hello :-) Every change in your life is a stress, but it could be very useful and even healthy if at the end of the day you will be a winner! I will talk about it a lot on my blog. As I just moved to London, it's time to start my new (English) period of life. All my articles, interviews and lectures were in Lithuanian language by this time.

But being a mentor and coach for those who are willing changes in their lives, I'm absolutely sure my personal life change as always be Exciting, Interesting and Thrilling.

I hope my thoughts, insights and true stories will be interesting and helpful to you my reader, to start your personal change for better more efficient and healthier life. And of course, will lead you to Wellness Happiness and Success.

Let's go change, let's be happy, successful and not stressed! So I say HELLO!

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