Mass mind programming is a longshot advertising or ideology, very well prepared and generously paid. We usually even don't notice, understand and feel while it is implemented.


It is well-proven that when you apply these chemicals to your skin, they enter your bloodstream and become integrated into your body tissues. It is probably safer to eat these ingredients...


The primary reasons for regularly cleaning your home is to clear out the toxic chemicals that have accumulated in your household dust. However, if you clean your home with commercial spray...


This blend inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a unique aromatic combination composed of 5 essential oils and never got sick, while robbing the dead a...


Переломный момент, будь то в 33, 48 или 66 лет, может быть временем возможностей или разочарований. Точки поворота похожи на открытые ворота Вселенной, и они позволяют вам совершить неверо...


What is a healthy diet? Is it eating vegetarian, organic, paleo, raw-foods, or according to Ayurveda? Is it better when proteins, fats, or carbohydrates are dominant in the diet plan?

A tru...


What makes a person overweight? Habits acquired, individual metabolic rate, nutrition, physical activity and, of course, records and automation in our subconscious mind, which are created...


Use natural essential oils, as they can help to decompose and remove phthalates from your body.


Self-Branding is all about personal change: Self-perception and transformation Self-presentation (communication) Self-Improvement (Support and Change)


More sophisticated touch can even lead us to the state of nirvana, mindfulness  and enlightenment. And it's the easiest and shortest way to reach  these heights.


Unfortunately, such practice does not exist. Parents and grandparents most often know little about a healthy lifestyle. In kindergartens, the care of educators consists in following the in...


There are several stages in a person's life when he or she changes. These turning points are recurring and occur when we are about 3, 7, 13, 21, 33, 48, 66 and 85 years old. Before the...

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