Unfortunately, such practice does not exist. Parents and grandparents most often know little about a healthy lifestyle. In kindergartens, the care of educators consists in following the instructions of the authorities


In the morning we feel rested, energetic, full of willpower, and still our brains in the state of alpha - it means they have almost no barrier for conscious implementation of what we want, into our subconscious mind. Very little effort is needed to program ourselves at...


Last but not least, our attitudes and expectations play an important role. If we expect joy and victory, our body and mind behave like winners, while if we are afraid, anxious or nervous, we exhaust ourselves mentally and when the actual situation comes, we feel tired,...

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Urbonas Saulius 
Mentor, Lector, Coach

An author of original systems for wellness, anti-aging, personal efficiency, weight management, and SelfBranding. 

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