Almost everyone is exposed to electronic pollution: WiFi, mobile network and all electronic devices. We cannot escape radiation, global pollution of lead, mercury and other undesirable chemical elements. So in addition to a healthy lifestyle, periodic help is needed to...


As we reprogram our mind with meditation, aromatherapy or breath exercises, we start feeling like a child with no fears yet, curious and open-minded, looking into the world and waiting for the best of it with smile and valour (courage). All you have to do is to take sm...


Smells are powerful traditional tools of mind conditioning. By creating an antistress affirmation and repeating it for two-three months with the same scent, the condition gets rooted in mind. Later, if you are in the stressful situation, smelling the same scent, that w...

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Urbonas Saulius 
Mentor, Lector, Coach

An author of original systems for wellness, personal efficiency, weight management, and SelfBranding. 

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